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47 & Still Looking for a Job That Makes Me Happy!!!

Last Monday in front of the computer of my 9-5 job, i just realize how unhappy I am, I don’t laugh, I drag myself every single day to my desk. I was thinking woww, I will let my life pass by and never find what I really like to do? well I know what I like, but what about my bills? working with horses ( not experience at all), will not pay my rent. I volunteer, but it break my heart every Monday when I have to go back to the desk…if I can find a way to support myself doing what I like, at least for the rest of the years in this planet. …..that what I’m praying for …a job with horses, in Dallas , that pays me to cover my necessities. No more clients complaints ,phones,computers,desk, suits ..only the out doors, the horses and me. Amen

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