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Desperately Wanting to See My Sons This Christmas

I live 2000 miles away from my children and can not afford to visit them this Christmas. I work 40 hrs per week but it is still not enough. I had a business and lost everything but I wish I had JESUS as my manager when I was in business.

My boys are loosing faith in me as a father now and not seeing them this Christmas might be a crushing blow for last year I was not able to be with them either.

I pray that somehow I may be blessed to afford to make the trip. If not, I trust is in God’s wisdom and I will try to be an obedient servant to Him.

Let us not take the Christ out of Christmas.
Love Always,

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I thank ou for your kind words on my prayer. I wil be homeless the week before christmas with a 4 year old. Houseing has a huge waiting list. But I feel for you I get to be with my son and your busting your tail to be with yours. I pray pray pray you have a good outcome. As a mommy I wish my son had a relationship with his daddy. People are mean and try to punish one another when it comes to the kids. It needs to stop. I pray you have christmas with your kids. I pray for you.

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