Did I Forget About Easter?

Easter Sunday came and went, and you might have noticed that I didn’t post on the blog this weekend. You might be wondering, “Did Chris forget about Easter Sunday?” Of course not!

I took the weekend off to celebrate our risen Lord and step back for a moment. Now I’m rejuvenated and ready to keep proclaiming the Good News about Jesus. It’s a day late, but Happy Easter everybody. I hope you had a great day at church visiting with all the people who don’t usually show up.

I get tickled at how many people show up to church on Easter… like it’s the Super Bowl of Christianity. I guess I grew up in a different household culture. My family didn’t go to church at all for years (Easter & Christmas included). When we finally did start going, it was semi-regularly. I just don’t understand the point of only going on Easter. Maybe someone can explain it to me and fulfill my curiosity…

You might have missed a post from me on Easter Sunday, but plenty of other Christian bloggers wrote and Easter article. Check out some of these good ones.

Easter 2009 in Pattaya, Thailand by Dan
I was on deployment at the time, so I didn’t post this episode in my life, but in 2009, on Easter morning, found myself in Pattaya, Thailand. Our ship’s chaplain, Chaplain (LT) Jason Gregory, wanted to have a sunrise service and I thought that was a great idea…

As the Lord our Savior Rose, So all His Followers Must Rise by Aaron Armstrong

Christ’s Hour, Satan’s Hour by Tim Challies
A few hours from now I will be heading downtown for a Good Friday service that will bring together several local congregations and, we hope, hundreds or maybe even over a thousand, Christians. Together we will remember the death of our Lord…

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