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Financial and Wealth and Prosperity

Please pray for me. My finances seem to be at a stagnat point. I need a big financial blessing to happen ASAP. I am a Christian and I love helping people and giving. I had a bad wreck in 2010 vehicle was totaled and lost a very top paying job for lack of transportation. Credit was being rebuilt. Somewhere, along the way I got lost. The people who have great wealth really do not want to share, but become of more greed. I need your prayers. I never loose faith in Jesus Christ. I have always worked 2-3 jobs in my life. Right now, I really, really need cash to keep and maintain roof over my head, and steady cash flow for all my survival needs. I thank you and thank God. I pray always every day and receives that spiritual food God gives me. Pray for my mind, health, protection, and wisdom and discernment. I am a humble person and I love all people everywhere. Amen!

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