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Financially Dying

We are REALLY struggling financially right now. I drive expedited freight over the road,and it has been really slow the last month and a half. As a matter of.fact,I haven`t made ANY Money and I am away from my family on the road. We have a 4 yr old son & he is having a real hard time with Daddy being gone. Thank You

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Scott, perhaps it is time to seek employment on a job that drives local instead of over the road… as a father I understand how hard it is to be away from my children… I also understand the call of the road and the amount of money that can be made as I used to drive myself… Sometimes tho it is better to be around for our children… maybe not make as much money as you could over the road… but… your son will love you all the more for it….. with that said lets pray ok?

Father God… Your wisdom exceeds anything we could ever think or come up with. Your desire for the family unit to prosper is written in Your Word the Holy Bible when You tell us that You have plans for us… Not to harm us but to prosper us… Father we do believe Your Word… We do want to please You by listening and following Your Word…. Father Scott needs work… He needs it now Father… please Father let him find that work… on the Road or Not… Lord give him the desires of his heart in finding the employment he is seeking… let him be an inspiration to his son… let Scott be able to find that balance between his job and family that will bring honor and Glory to you Father God… and most of all let it be Your will… In Jesus Name We Pray this…….. Amen

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