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God Send Urgent Help to My Family

Dear God,
My hubby passed away leaving behind debts & kids. Former church pple & friends r distant due to my hubby’s detest going to church in the last 4years. Due to his great multitudes of sins & vices entangling him then. My kids resented going to church now for the memory of his dad going ‘demonic’ every time he fetch us after church still lingers.

My kids & me feel like outcasts. We seek former friends for help, few came to console & they disappear!

Is this really the end for us?

Pls show me mercy by giving me my late hubby’s job. Let his boss call me with offer of the Sales position with equal or better pay package.
Help father my kids. I repent for indulging in them.

Lord Jesus, be the husband to me for now i am a widowed. I had always follow late hubby’s directions. Now i am feeling headless & meaningless. I feel & hear my late hubby everywhere i go!

Banish every loneliness, guilt, depression, regrets, fear, poverty, paralysis, unforgiveness & procrastination from my family for good.

Grant us absolute Wisdom, favor, strategies, directions, peace, clarity confidence & revelations to turn things around. To start life anew.

God intervene now b4 our small apt get reposessed! God knows there’s no more room at my parent’s apt. & my only financier is my retired mother who cant afford to support us further.
Pls help.

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No this is not the end of you and your family even tho it may feel that way. They say if you get lost in the woods that the first thing you should do is sit down and build a fire and relax… I remember all of the friends and family that came to consol my wife and I when our daughter passed away… it was in fact short term… most people do not follow though with their telling you they will be there for you with anything you need… so please do not feel like you are the only one… Now as far as this church that seems to be shunning you… find another church… They are unaware of the command from Christ himself to take care of the widows which means someone isn’t reading their scriptures…. And in the matter of the children and the church… all I can suggest is that you adopt a wait and see attitude… once they see their mother going to church and reading scriptures everyday… once they see the love of Christ in your eyes… well… they will come around… but like with everything else they need to see it first from their parent…. As for your apartment you need to go right away to your states version of Wellfare… they should be able to help you right away to keep your apartment… We will pray for this job you speak of… remember that God is with you even in this dark time… praise Him for all that is going on in your life… and as hard as it is… the good and the bad…. Shalom

Father God, protector and maker of all things… Lord we do not understand some of the things that happen to us… but we do understand Your Word when it says that Your Grace is Sufficiant for us… Father we stand on Your Word… The one you Love Father Celeste is in need right now of your Grace… she has lost her husband and is looking to you for help… Father please direct our sister to a place that will help her out… to a church that understands Your commands to take care of the widows… Father God let her children be guided by Your love… that they will come closer to you not farther away… fill our sister with your Holy Spirit and guide her as well… Father let her prosper that she will be able to take care of herself and her children… and most of all Father hold her in your arms and comfort her in this time… Lord we do not understand everything that happens… but we do stand on Your Word that You have made plans to prosper us and not to harm us…. we give You all the Praise, Glory, and Honor. And thank you ahead of time Lord… Through Your Holy Son Jesus we come…… Amen!

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