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Help for Myself and Family in a Critical Time

I have done some bad things that may cause the the law to be after me.
This affects my wife my daughter and our family as a whole.
Please pray that God may deliver us from this situation.
I have already asked for forgiveness from the parties involved but they have refused.
Please pray that God intervenes in this situation for our good.
Also, ask that God may hold my wife in his arms and give her the strength she needs to make it through.
Currently I’m away from home awaiting the development of this situation.

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Sal, you’ve got it! Your family will be in my prayers.

I don’t know the details.. but I will say this: It’s never a good idea to test God and break the law. God is still a God of justice, so you might have to pay whatever price you owe for the things that you’ve done.

However, God is also a loving God, and He’ll forgive you. You might have to face the worldly punishment, but you can still gain forgiveness and reconciliation from God.

I do pray that God will provide you another chance. But if He does… don’t get back to this point again.. Ok?

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