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Moving Forward with God?

I have time and time again for the last 3 years almost, missed the calling of God. Out of fear, I have stayed in a comfortable place and am now seeing the results of my disobedience. I have lost so much including a husband and now am regretful, but finally hopeful, but trying to move forward, but not sure how to dream anymore. My dreams were involved in my future with the young man. It is hard to get out of the bed sometimes because I don’t know what to do with my life anymore. My ministry and my marriage and future family and plans involved him. I pray for new dreams and clarity/direction.

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I am praying for you. Remember God called you…and HIS WORD can not return to Him void. Focus on the calling and answering to God’s call. If you believe there is someone else attached to your destiny…then TRUST that God in His way will bring it to pass. In the meantime, run hard after the things of GOD and spend time interceding and praying. This is a time to sow in prayer…so at the appointed time your harvest will be ready. Stay in the face of Jesus.
Bless You.

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