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Musician Needs Wisdom, Focus and Heart for This Summer

Well the title says it all but here’s the story in a nutshell…

I’m a musician and solo artist here in Nashville. I’ve been working real real hard on my debut album which will be available by this Summer. My sound and style are intense, and as cliche as it sounds this truly is something that Nashville has never heard before.

I’ve been waiting for this demo to be released for over 3 years now. Except 3 years ago I had nothing but desire to be a well known and wealthy touring musician. Looking back I’ll add that that desire and nothing else has given me the strength to earn the money for my equipment and to teach myself how to record beats and write lyrics and play an instrument

Anyway, Ive got a producer that I’ve known these 3 years who’s also coached me for free and he’ll soon be recording my vocals and mixing / mastering my demo. I think the reason he’s been willing to help me so much for free is because he sees something in me. Call it potential or whatever, who knows haha

Well here’s what it comes down to…
I added up the cost of everything for production, album artwork, copyrights and all nonsense and this will cost about $2,000 to put together the finished product.
On top of that I’m near broke and just had to apply for food stamps for now so basically I need 2000 dollars by the end of April.

After I come up with that money and have a finished product then I’ll need a band to start performing live, and really get my name out there.
They say making it in music is far fetched but I believe that kind of thinking is for the weak hearted. I’ve taught myself nearly everything I know about music and wrote my own songs on my own will power, now after 3 years of waiting for things to happen I’m finally ready.

Can you please pray that my will becomes even stronger, my vision becomes more clear, and that I meet the right people to get on board with me and also that I have the wisdom to know who is out to help me in this industry and who should be avoided

And one more thing. Can you pray that Robb my producer gets a special blessing in some way?
That guy has bent over backwards to make me sound good and I really hope the two of us make a fortune from all this

Thanks for reading and for your concern
Can’t wait to blow your mind


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