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Need Job to Pay My Child Support or I Go to Jail

I have less than 20 days to get a job. You see I dont have a car to get a job. If I don’t the court will put me in jail for 180 days. This put me in a bigger bind.

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There was a time I had this problem… wasn’t as the media would have liked it… was because I couldn’t get work… and it has to be hard now… so with that in mind lets try to turn this around… first of all… you have got to put GOD before everything… not just in words… actions mean a lot to God… there are a lot of Sunday Christians or CEO’s (Christmas, and Easter Only) Christians… transportation can be tricky…. have you tried your counties transportation system? Ours has a bus system that costs little to use and they come to your door… check and see if this is around… if you don’t have money to spend on that you may be able to get help from your states DHS system… a lot of times even if you can’t get monetary help you can get food stamps, heating credits, housing, and transportation tickets…. and if your county does not have a transportation system then look into a bike… I know it’s winter but it is done overseas all the time… remember God helps those that help themselves and even christians sometimes have to take the initiative… Don’t know how much you are behind but it would appear that you have been given a chance to get a job and make a deal to start paying… I would suggest McDonalds or one of the fast food places, or, Walmart, K-Mart or Myers… they don’t pay alot but there is room for upwards movement and they are always hiring… remember my friend what you put in is what you get out…. Now…. lets pray….

Lord God Creator of all things,
Father we come to you in prayer for our brother Andy… Lord sometimes even the best of intentions go astray. Our brother is in need of financial help Lord… He is in need of a vast amount of money and a job… Lord… our brother is not looking for a handout and is indeed looking for a way to help his children and himself… please Father God look down on this brother and help him… Show your GLORY Abba Father… and your infinite Mercy… most of all Father guide this Brother… show him Your way Father… and help him to lean on YOU… In Your Son Jesus’ Holy name…… Amen

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