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Pray for My Business & Ministry

I have a network marketing business that is doing well, but I could always use more growth! The growth will create an income that will allow me to start a personal ministry of being a Christian Life Coach. I want to open an office that does not charge for its services! This is the reason for building the business, so it will provide my income! Thank You!

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Hey Stephen,

Great to hear that you want to serve the Lord as a Christian Life Coach. I will be praying that God bless many people through the use of you and your new ministry.

Just a few things to think about… as I’ve also looked into this at length.. and thought about it from different angles. On the surface it seems good to charge people nothing, however, I’ve always found that when someone pays nothing for a service, they don’t value it. They don’t take as seriously.. because they didn’t actually have to put anything into it.

You could setup this new ministry as a non-profit and encourage participants to give something (whatever they feel its worth) for the service.. If they don’t want to give anything, they don’t have to… but they likely would. This would help fund the ministry a little, while not putting any obligation them to give anything. But the most important reason I believe people should give is so that they’ll take it more seriously, and value the life coaching session more.. because they’ve put something towards it.

Not trying to tell you what to do.. just wasn’t sure if you had thought about that. Regardless of how you do it, always use it to glorify God’s name and build people up in the name of Jesus Christ. I wish you the best.

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