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Prayers for My Ex, Me, and the Kids

Short version here: ex told me she wanted to go back to California about 6 weeks ago. Technically we broke up at that time also. Lived together with her kids who I’ve raised for the past 5 years, and discussed working things out, I changed the things that bothered her, etc. We’ve had problems over her mental/abusive treatment towards me for quite some time, however, I can only control myself, therefore I worked on the few things I needed to work on to be a better me. We did not have a bad or nasty break up. Her feelings were simply changed from “in love” to I love you. Anyway, I go to work 2 weeks ago today, we shared an amazing kiss before I left, talked about doing something when I got off work, and texted each other during the afternoon. I come home that evening and everyone and everything is gone :( I’m basically surviving a nervous breakdown due to missing her and the kids.

I’m trying to be the best person I can be and hold onto my love vs. reacting in anger over this as most people would. My love is unconditional and my forgiveness apparently endless. I believe I’m acting the way the Lord would want me to act.

I’m asking for prayers for her, I, and the children. I pray that she gets help from God to let go of past resentments from both our relationship, and prior ones that damaged her to the point that she cannot love the way most people love. I’m beyond hurt over this and having a ridiculously difficult time recovering. I pray that we all heal soon so we can start over again.

The bible clearly states that whatever you ask the Father in my name shall be given to you. Most of us confuse that statement with sometimes God’s answer is no. The latter is man-made to give us some comfort. I’m asking God in Jesus’ name to PLEASE bless me and Elizabeth and guide us back together as soon as possible, to a place of peace and loving one another together!

Thank you all in advance for any prayer you pray for us.

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