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My marriage and relationship has been strained for some time know,and I feel like every time I pray,it gets worse. im asking for prayers. the commitment,life and faithfulness to be restored in my marriage because,im at the point of giving up.

    • Tamika, i pray the Lord will bless your relationship. Continue to walk with Him and be the best example you can be.

    • Dear Tamika, I too am having marital problems right now. I am praying for you and know that God will take care of us and lead us down the right road. Even if it doesn’t always feel like it he is with us every step of the way and knows what is best. With much peace and Love, Mark

    • I have prayed that you will put God even before your marriage! God will not remove or take away our free will and you and your spouse have free will…. Therefore do as the scriptures say! Seek first the Kingdom of God and then all else will be given to you!
      And as you do don’t push it in your spouses face that you are going to church or helping the church or what ever you do…. Go humbly before God!
      Please get the book “Love Dare”. Then do as it says and do it one day at a time… It did not happen overnight that your marriage is having troubles and it will not be fixed overnight…. Do the dare one day at a time and make sure to read all of the scriptures contained in the book!
      Another help is the Book and DVD series called “Love and Respect” by Dr’s Eggerichs… They also have study groups you can join!
      May God be with you and your spouse as you continue to serve Him!