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Single Mother with Son Trying to Save Their Apartment

I am a single mom with a 13 year old child, please pray for me that I won’t get put out of our home with no where to go, I need to pay my rent by this week or we will be homeless, please if you can pray for us or with find us help I will forever be greatful.

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So very sorry to hear you are having a hard time… It seems that the enemy is working over time every where… Try going to your states version of DHS (wellfare) … they should be able to give you emergency money to pay your rent… they can also help with food, heat and such… Also try finding a church in your area that can lend you a hand! Lets Pray!!!!!

Heavenly Father through Jesus we come humbly to you. Father God Janel is in need. Lord you tell us in Matthew not to worry that You take care of the Flowers and the Animals. Father that You even know how many hairs are on our head. Nothing is to great for You Father to accomplesh. Please Father reach down and touch Janel… fill her Lord… Help her find work that she can help herself… Lord in the meantime help her find a church or one of the government places to help her… Lord we Praise you for hearing our Prayers and answering them…. In Jesus name we Pray………. Amen

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