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There is no update yet, just praying daily…..The woman, who I truly love, comes home in 8 more days. The days feel longer and my heart feels worse than it did in the beginning, but I am not giving up because all the signs have been to wait and love her unconditionally and forgive her for her intentions aren’t meant to hurt. She cried yesterday because I remembered her birthday and wished her a happy birthday when it was 12 her time in France. I miss her every second of the day and just wish she was here. She keeps saying she doesn’t deserve the love I’m giving and said yesterday she doesn’t deserve a good birthday. It hurts me to hear her think this way, she is the most amazing woman I’ve ever met and her smile lights the world. I ask for prayers that God continues to break open her heart and pours in my love and truly shows her how much she means to me and I mean to her. Ask for prayers that God shows her how beautiful she is and shows her the answers she seeks. Ask for prayers that he brings her home to me so we can start of the life and family we have talked about. And please ask for prayers that the Lord removes all bad influences from her life that have hurt her, said they loved her but didn’t show her true unconditional love and to rid those who don’t make her an amazing and strive to be a better person daily. Thank you for the Prayers and I pray and ask that God answers your prayers too!

Bring the woman I love back to me

Remove Withcraft

Please for my brother for I sincerely believe that someone has put witchcraft or a spell on him. Please pray for it to be removed and to forever protect him from future spells and witchcraft.

Thank you.

My husband had an affair I chose to stay and am having trouble forgiving.

I have haunting thoughts of the two of them together and I pray and pray to forgive my husband as Jesus forgives me but nothing is working. Please pray that I can give my husband true forgiveness and get the devil out of my mind taunting me with the terrible thoughts.

Prayer to Keep His Perfect Will

I don’t know where else to turn but I am a firm believer in the power of prayer. I’m a 30 yr. old young man who moved here about 2 months ago pending an entry level job in Pa. that took me a year to find after graduating and submitting resume after resume. A friend of mine agreed to let me stay with him as my lease was up in Pa. and I was to return in 2-3 weeks once the job was ready. The job fell through and I pretty much got stuck here. I was fortunate to land a job for the time being. After working for about 2 weeks I started noticing money missing amongst other things. I took that as a sign to get out and came to stay with a man who was nice enough to help me out for a bit. This man and his family are struggling just the same and I really feel I have worn out my welcome. I have no food. I have no gas to get to work for the rest of the week. I have a repo order put out on my truck this coming Monday if I don’t make a payment. EVERYTHING is falling apart. I called the Red Cross and United Way. They didn’t have much advice other than to go to a homeless shelter. I am at work 7:30-4:00 and the places they recommended are closed before I get out of work. I don’t know what to do, where to go, or anything. Just an honest good guy in horrible spot in my life and trying to get my life back together before I lose the will to even try anymore.So please pray for me that things find a way to work out. Thank you for taking the time to read this whole thing and God Bless.

Need Job For Baby Girl

I have a nine month old baby and ive been trying to find a good job to be able to support my baby Aliyda and i. I would be very blessed to have other brothers and sisters pray that i get one of the jobs that i applied for because god knows ive been looking and trying. I even took a job that stressed me out every day involving cold calling and i made the sacrifice and continued to attend work until i was layed off so i ask for ya prayer’s for a blessing god bless all of ya for doing this for me thank.

To get my family back together

I (robin) pray that I get my family back soon with Jason and our 2 sons,amen.

Pray that we avoid another war via @AntoinetteHayes

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