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Prayers for Healing and guidance of the Doctors!

Please join me in prayer for my good friend Gary… Gary is the president of our local chapter of The Christian Motorcyclest Assocation (the Great Lakes Gospel Riders). He is going into the hospital tomorrow to have a mass removed from his thyroid… He is a true man of God and believes that prayer will get him through this! Pray the mass is benign and that the doctors will use everything they have to make it clear! Thank you!!!

Financial Blessing and weight loss needed for health concerns

I have always made good grades in school, and I even made three B’s in my prior three classes. In the last class that I had, I made a C, so since I am working on my DBA, I have to retake the course. I am taking a new course with the same instructor and have made an F on my first assignment. I am working hard, but it feels like that individual has a pick against me. The stress is beginning to affect my health. My hours have been reduced at work that it is a huge financial burden to my family, and our savings are depleted. Our vehicle broke down, and it cannot be fixed, so we have no personal transportation. It just seems like so many things are going wrong all at once.

Father I want to glorify you in the examples that we lead in our lives. We are in need for god to give our family a financial blessing that will remove this burden and some of the pressure from me. We need $3000.00 within the next week in order to handle all of our financial obligations. I am so stressed and need to lose weight that will also improve my health. I need some intervention with this instructor so that I will excel in her course with a grade of an A that will pull up my GPA. I have applied for some positions which I am qualified. I need god to intercede and allow me to have a position and salary of my choice. Father, please don’t allow this new position of mine to interfere with my family or marriage in a negative way. Father, please allow my husband not to lose his job but allow him to be promoted and succeed in his field. I understand the sacrifices that he has made for our family, and I thank you for him and our daughter. Please allow the door to open to give our family the new vehicle which we need for transportation, so that we will no longer have to rely on the help of others. I need god to give me the direction, drive, and knowledge that I need to complete my program. Father I ask that all of these things are done while protecting our family from all sickness, and harm and danger. I ask these blessings of you, in Jesus Name, Amen.

We need better jobs working from home, a new vehicle, and help with school concern.

I recently lost my job… where do I go from here?

I don’t have money to pay my rent. I don’t know what I’m going to do. If don’t get a job soon, I’m going to be out on the street. Please pray for me.

Pray for my small business

I started a business a little over six month ago in hopes of having a way to work from home and spend more time with my kids. It has taken off, but it is not moving like it should. I am requesting a prayer for business growth that I can provide for my family without sacrificing the time that my kids so desperately need. I am specifically looking for 5 strong people who will be asset to my business and help it grow. Thank you in advance for any and all prayers!


My former client lied on me. I am so upset. Please pray that the truth will come to light that she is a liar and likes to manipulate people. Please pray I will get more hours at work.

Freedom to Make the Right Choice

I feel as if our society is becoming more and more intolerable to Christians. It is politically correct to accept any ideology except for Christianity. I believe that in my lifetime, we might actually see harsh, physical persecution of the church in the United States. Those who preach tolerance and acceptance the most are those who seem the least willing to tolerate ideas that don’t match their own.

God help us. Our country needs to turn around before we reach a point of no return.

Message on Forgiveness

I wanted to put this out there for all of you!
Scripture speaks so much about forgiveness! Christ says that we are to forgive everyone so that we will be forgiven by God…. This includes Christians! Remember when the disciples asked Yeshua (Jesus) how many times must We forgive someone who has wronged us? His answer must have shocked and surprised them…. In short we must forgive them as many times as they come and repent for the wrong they have caused us… And again He adds… So our Father will forgive us….
Life is so short, and when we die there will be on our tombstone four things that will tell everyone about you. Your name… The date of your birth…. Then a line between your date of birth and your date of death…. Then the date you died…. And out of those four things only that line is the truly important part! That line represents who you were, or your life. It is the only thing on that stone that matters! When people look at it how do you want them to remember you? As a mean, stiff-necked, son of a gun, that never forgave anyone and carried a grudge all of their life? Do you want them to remember the Words of our Savior when he said Many will come to Me on Judgement days and say Lord, Lord, look what I did! I healed in Your name, I drove out Spirits in Your Name! And remember His answer! Get away from me you lawless person for I never knew you!? Or would you rather they looked at your stone and smile and remember that you were a caring, loving, forgiving, Christian person who did their best to show the love of Christ by the way they lived…………with Gods Love to all of you!!!

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